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Care Management

Our Care Managers provide comprehensive healthcare and lifestyle management.

Our Care Managers coordinate, correlates, communicate, and advocate for the proper care and lifestyle management to ensure successful and high-quality care and outcome.

Our Care Managers also ensure that our client's lifestyle is maintained to its fullest potential as long as they can.

Our Care Managers communicate to all authorized parties, coordinate across the continuum of care,  correlates all care and services and advocate to ensure the client's healthcare and lifestyle needs are met.

Care Management Benefits

Coordination across the continuum of care

People often fall through the cracks at points of transition from one level of care to the next. This won’t happen with the Care Manager planning ahead and organizing your needs ahead of the transition, assuring follow up, safety and compliance.

Customized Care Plan

Care Managers will assure that your care is consistent with your lifestyle, wishes and preferences, as well as your care needs by coordinating & managing all services.

Reduce Medication Errors

Assurance that you are taking the right medications at the right time & in the right dose and that medication changes are complied within the home setting.

Assure Proactive Medical Visits

Follow-up & coordinate routine visits to assure that you, your family, and doctor are working towards the same goals and to prevent crises.

Reduce Hospitalizations

By being proactive when noticing changes in function, cognition, or emotional status, Care Managers will access care before the situation becomes a crisis.

Improve Health Outcomes

Proactive intervention and adherence to the physician’s plans of care ensures improved health, function and wellbeing, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Environmental Safety Solutions

The Care Manager will assure that safety equipment and assistive devices are installed and properly used. Additionally, the Care Manager will complete a comprehensive safety assessment and address any potential risks.

Keeping Families Informed

Communication with family members helps to reduce stress while maintaining privacy.

“We love our caregiver, Sharon. She is more than we had hoped for from a caregiver. She is loving, thoughtful, detail-oriented and fun to be around. She is a support to our whole family!”
— Alan
“I used your service for a long time and I have only good things to say”
— E.C.
We find that our aide has been doing an excellent job. She is very respectful and has always been on time. We are very pleased
— Mr. & Mrs. S
I have found your agency to be most accommodating and extremely efficient.
— A.B.

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