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Pre & Post Surgical Care

Access NurseCare designs specialty Pre & Post Surgical Care to help clients prepare for surgical procedures and to provide comprehensive care after your surgical procedure.

Our agency will provide a nursing navigator to assure that you are totally prepared for your surgical procedure.

After surgery, return home with your team of clinical nurses and rehab professionals who understand the physician’s plan of care.

Your team will assure optimal care at home and follow up visits with your physician.

Pre & Post Surgical Care Benefits

Shopping, Cooking & Healthy Nutrition

Experience healthy meals that are consistent with your lifetime food preferences and customs to ensure your strength before and after surgery.

Accompanying Client to Doctor Appointments

Easy access to transportation and a nurse to ensure the doctor’s recommendations for maximum recovery at home.

Providing Medication Reminders & Reduce Errors

Assurance that you are taking the right medications at the right time & in the right dose and that medication changes are complied with in the home setting.

Ensuring Hygiene & Grooming

No need to worry about falls in the shower or other grooming needs with a professional caregiver to help you.

Keeping Families Informed

Communication with family members helps to reduce stress while maintaining privacy.

Performance of Safety Checks

Performance of safety checks for the home to assure comfort and ease of access and to prevent accidents after surgery that could lead to rehospitalizations.

Communication and Care Coordination

Communicate and  care coordination with all healthcare providers.

“We love our caregiver, Sharon. She is more than we had hoped for from a caregiver. She is loving, thoughtful, detail-oriented and fun to be around. She is a support to our whole family!”
— Alan
“I used your service for a long time and I have only good things to say”
— E.C.
We find that our aide has been doing an excellent job. She is very respectful and has always been on time. We are very pleased
— Mr. & Mrs. S
I have found your agency to be most accommodating and extremely efficient.
— A.B.

Pre-Operative Care includes the following proactive services:

  • Attendance to preoperative medical appointments, when appropriate

  • Results of Lab Tests and Diagnostic Exams are available to medical staff

  • Pre-filling all medications needed after surgery

  • Replenishment of healthy foods that are geared to meet special dietary needs in the home

  • Order and set up of required medical equipment in the home

  • Performance of safety checks for the home to assure comfort and ease of access

  • Arrangement of additional care and resources in the home, when needed

Post-Operative Care includes continuing proactive services:

  • RN performing dressing changes and other nursing services, as needed

  • RN monitoring vital signs, medical and functional needs to forestall complications

  • RN monitoring pain to ensure proper pain management

  • RN will keep physicians and family members informed of your needs and progress

  • Assure follow up visits with physicians, as planned

  • Communicate with private caregivers to ensure compliance with the physician's plan of care

  • Handling of challenges, problems or issues that arise during recovery

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