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Medicare Services

Medicare Services are part-time or intermitent, skilled nursing care which often includes physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and/or wound care.

Our Concierge Medicare services are provided in the comfort & security of your own home to help you rehab from a hospitalization, a fall, medication error or other crisis.

Medicare Provides Intermittent skill Care after a hospitalization, new diagnosis, change in medication and if the medicare recipient is home bound.

Our Concierge Medicare services is a premier level of skilled rehabilitative services.

Medicare Benefits

Care is for rehabilitation & resumption of activities

After an acute care episode or change in health, you can recover at home with our professional therapists, which may include nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and/or wound care.

Each Clinician Follows the Physician's Plan of Care

Each rehab professional will provide services based upon the orders of the physician specialist who prescribed the care.

Therapies reflect the strengths of the care recipient

Therapies focus on maximizing your function so that you can return to a more independent level of function.

Our Clinical Experts are Reliable Patient Advocates

Our rehab professionals will support your strengths and when appropriate advocate for maximizing your rehab potential

Encourage recovery of activities and socialization

Rehab therapies will focus on helping you to get back to those activities and capabilities that are most important to you and to your health, to the greatest extent possible.

Assure Peace of Mind Through Care Coordination

Your rehab professionals will also assure that care in the home is coordinated with physician appointments and other treatments.

Caregivers Provide Support to Optimize Care

Caregivers will work together with our rehab professionals to encourage and support your rehab program as much as possible.

Our TeamOF Expert Caregivers

Our team of Caregivers are caring and compassionate. They aretrained in their specific disciplineand in best practices to providepersonalized care and are sensitive to routine and lifestyle

“We love our caregiver, Sharon. She is more than we had hoped for from a caregiver. She is loving, thoughtful, detail-oriented and fun to be around. She is a support to our whole family!”
— Alan
“I used your service for a long time and I have only good things to say”
— E.C.
We find that our aide has been doing an excellent job. She is very respectful and has always been on time. We are very pleased
— Mr. & Mrs. S
I have found your agency to be most accommodating and extremely efficient.
— A.B.

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